5 Basic Science of Property Brokers

Being a successful real estate broker certainly can not just rely on science to discuss, we must also master the basic knowledge of real estate brokers as a foundation. A job as a real estate broker is essentially the same as the sale of other services, not as easy as it seems. Sometimes a real estate broker is still treated as a public transport broker only needs to sharpen his tongue.

In fact, as a seller of services, a real estate broker is an official work recognized by the Indonesian government has guidelines and legal rules. Therefore, the basic knowledge of a realtor becomes a mandatory decision for each real estate broker in the performance of his work. The law is not only mandatory for beginners because even an experienced real estate broker still has the basic knowledge of this real estate broker.

So what are the basic knowledge of the real estate broker that must be mastered?
Here is a review of the 5 basic properties of Realtors that must be understood as delivered by the President Director of Keller Wiliams Realty Indonesia (KWRI).

Finance Real estate

As explained in its name, the property financing addresses key issues surrounding various ways to pay for real estate and property. One of the most common ways for buyers to finance the purchase of real estate or to apply for credit. In Indonesia itself, it is common for buyers to request a process of buying a home through a housing loan (KPR).
To become a reliable broker, you must understand very everything about mortgages. The more you understand this, the more you will work and the easier it is to convince potential buyers.

Property investment

All buyers want to make a profit when buying something, right? This also applies to home buyers.They certainly want real estate or goods they purchase can be profitable in terms of investment and function.Therefore, real estate investment is one of the knowledge base of real estate agents that real estate brokers must also learn.

You need to know as fully as possible the benefits of the property you are selling, including the various losses that may exist. This will make buyers understand how to maximize profits and minimize the existing losses.

Tax on immovable property and the right

The third real estate broker knowledge base that must be understood is the question of legal rules and taxes for real estate or property you are selling.

Make sure early in the development process, until the process of selling the property went through the procedure and in accordance with the ownership rules in Indonesia.

This is not only related to construction land, building permits, but also includes the tax rules.

Do not forget to include the types of certificates that exist because the process of buying and selling goods involves several different certificates.

economic Real estate

Next is the science of economic property which is closely related to the flow of supply and demand of goods sold.

Make a real estate broker know well the supply and the demand that exists for the property and the environment in which the property is located.

Find out how much the offer is the property and know how high the demand is, so you can make plans immediately.

Do not let the high demand, but the supply of goods is low and vice versa, as this may also affect the proper functioning of your work.

property evaluation

Once you understand the four basic properties of the real estate broker above, you should also supplement your knowledge with the science of evaluation of the property.

This knowledge is very useful for you to know the property market prices at the national or local level.

You can find the market price for these types of properties or properties in the area so you can make the right calculations later.