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More than 80 percent of smartphone users worldwide now have Android phones with the help of time, demand for applications for this operating system increases. Developers are also in competition with the development of new applications. The developers are behind the country.

Because it is related to the interesting work list, many write the new Android App Developer. But before leaving this work many questions awaken the spirit of everyone.

Where to learn, how to learn, how to know the amount of applications for developing applications, etc. The answers to these questions can be easily understood by themselves. There are a number of resource sites that can be tracked on the Android development process, which is easily found in a pleasant way. they are in this tutorial highlighted-

android.com Point Developer

This site is the "Bible" of Android application development for Android App developers. The Android operating system is managed and controlled. Here is the latest news from the Android version and all available updates.

The most important thing is that there are more details on all Android SDK (software development kit) in the form of documents.

What classes work, what are the parameters to pass in a mathde, what works, what works, examples, etc. Everything you need to learn application development is here

Android Hewlett Info
Indian Developer Ravi Tamada created the site. This includes any good tutorials for Android App Development.

The special feature of this site is the source of all the tutorials, which is totally free.

There are excellent and easy to understand tutorials for developing Android applications - such as hardware design, working with the database, working in servers and applications, etc.

MK Young.com

MK Young.com website, created by K. Young, is one of the most reliable resources for programming and Android app development.

Basic applications for Android App Development, drawings, examples of learning for XML and examples of easy tutorials

This site is simple and easy to achieve with the help of practical tutorials that are very popular for developers.

The New Boston

The rest of the programmer, Roberts has developed a number of tutorials in simple language for Android App Development.

Short video length is clearly indicated in the language and it is shown early in the development of applications in advance.

On YouTube, if you search by thenewboston, you can get the newbeston channel. From there to the Android playlist, you can see the iPhone development tutorials.

Android Lime

The native Android App Development Site learns any language Bangla Android Live.com.

Apart from the development of applications, you can learn from here for application development
Java programming language. The site is an example of installing open source download, and an example. Moreover, it is also possible to know the carrier opinion on the application.

A programmer can ask questions about his or development program here. Developers experienced answer these questions. You can ask questions about the issues facing young people everything works application development.

Even if you do a search by entering a common problem, his answer is readily available on this site.

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