App Developer Console Opens Up Our Food Safety Data

A new "portal developer" using the application programming interface (API) technology makes EFSA's information more accessible to software developers, allowing them to design new applications and design tools for use by the food security evaluation community or consumers.

EFSA has developed several computer systems, databases and software tools since its inception in 2002. Our scientists rely on this information and resources to conduct scientific assessments and provide scientific advice on food and food security the EU.

The scientific data and resources

These resources include data we have collected on foodborne diseases, chemicals in food and food consumption and the scientific opinions published in the EFSA Journal. Moreover, the register of mandates received by EFSA and catalogs developed in collaboration with Member States to collect and analyze data will be interoperable.

This wealth of information is now available with the software standards defined API, enabling the creation of new uses as demonstrated during the EFSA Hackathon organized in 2016. The availability of the EFSA catalogs and terminologies controlled can also help to integrate external resources such as scientific catalogs taxonomies and citation indices.

A beta version of the portal is now online. It only takes a few minutes for developers to register and acquire the keys to 16 API "calls" (ie interaction with a server using an API). In the future, developers can share and promote their applications on the portal and help us make the food security of Europe.

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