Business Development Is What Really, Marketing Isn't It?

Business Development Is What Really, Marketing Isn't It?

business development is known to most people as a part of marketing, some know him as product development, and the rest know him as a team that plans corporate strategy. It is business development, creating long-term value for an organization that starts with customers, markets and relationships. The long-term value referred to here is the income and image of the company. It also includes customer loyalty, prestige, or what is the purpose of a business. The strategic plan is the primary key for this position to continue. In carrying out its role, business development will carry out training, workshops, and business reviews.


Customer, business development seeks opportunities to find new and filter the values ​​of the products ordered by existing customers. Customers can be broadly defined according to the industry the company. Namu customers are the people who buy your product, pay the bills, and finance the development of your business. No customers, no business to develop. Examination of the target values ​​sought after by customers to add features to the product. Perhaps a customer is forced to buy a product they do not know other products that can meet. Perhaps a client knows that a product they need, but do not know where to buy it. Maybe another customer is using your product for something that is not really the actual function of your product.


With markets, business development learns where to find new markets, both geographically and in terms of how customers spend and find ways to reach markets. This is because customers must be located somewhere. Where you live, where their preferences are formed. In addition to the factors location / geographical, there are several other factors such as demographic data (age, race, religion, sex, family size, ethnicity, income and education), lifestyle and a mindset to buy something. Take the example of a company makeup outbreaks market working in an industrial city. How to enter the market where women go to work without dressing (ie, these women always wear safety clothing work completed with helmets and goggles). So how can you get into this business? Perhaps, offering protection functions in the content of makeup or other methods (this is what makes business development).


Regarding relations, business development trust and integrity of a company is based on each of your products or services through product concepts, corporate social responsibility and other strategic programs. Relationships with customers, partners, employees and investors must be built correctly. All this is for the sake of sustainability of the company and its products.
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