List of 8 Most Famous Property Developers in Indonesia

List of 8 Most Famous Property Developers in Indonesia

Property developers become very important parts behind residential projects such as housing, apartments, apartments. Property developers have the role of design, construction and marketing of housing to the community.

If you are considering buying a house or apartment, it is good to know the developer who built it. This is to make sure you get a good quality residence.

The developer guarantees the highest rated quality, safe and comfortable residential products. Here is a list of famous developers in Indonesia:

Agung Sedayu Group
Agung Sedayu Group is a well-known and best property developer in Indonesia. You are certainly aware of the promotion of this product developer in both the print and electronic media. Agung Sedayu Group offers a complete property, chic with support facilities, safety and easy access.

Agung Podomoroland
Agung Podomoroland is a real estate developer that is not less than the Agung Sedayu Group. Both offer a class and ownership of confidence for many consumers to ensure good property safe and comfortable quality.

Alam Sutera property Tbk
This developer has started to show its existence since 1993 under the name of PT Manunggal Adhihutama. This developer has a number of shopping center projects in Alama Sutera. His name is becoming known after the opening of Alam Sutera toll access in km 15 of the toll road Jakarta-Merak in 2009.

Ciputra group
Through PT Ciputra Development Tbk, this developer has presented numerous real estate projects. Ciputra Group is known as the largest shopping mixture used developer in Indonesia. Ciputra Group also operates commercial property units such as shopping centers and hotels in various cities in Indonesia.

Intiland Development Tbk
Intiland is known as a developer of office, residential and industrial real estate projects. In zone TB Simatupang, for example, Intiland established an integrated business area from office buildings, apartments and retail.

Lippo Karawaci
Lippo Karawaci is a family group Riyadi company and is one of the largest developers in Indonesia. This company manages large projects such as Kemang Village and St. Moritz. Various companies owned by Lippo Karawaci are controlled such as residential and township divisions.

Summarecon Agung Tbk
The company is known for its success in Summarecon Gading Serpong Summarecon projects. This developer is known to have good management of the property. Some of the projects include Lotus Lakeside Residence, Residence Maple and Orchard Square shopping Sinpasa 2.

Sinarmas Land
Sinarmas Land is a real estate developer in the group Tjipta Eka. Its main projects focus on real estate. Two subsidiaries Sinarmas Land, namely Bumi Serpong Damai and Duta Pertiwi. This developer has pioneered the concept of cluster housing. Various shopping malls with the International Trade Center brand (ITC) is the property of this company.