Peel Completed Earnings android developer

Indonesia is a developing country and has aspirations to become a developed country. Being a developed country is certainly not easy. Indonesia needs qualified human resources to develop existing technology. To support this the government must meet the supporting facilities / infrastructure for the community.

At present Indonesia is considered to have been tracked with a variety of supporting technologies to become a developed country. One that we often use is communication technology / android phones that are increasingly sophisticated. Besides that, this kind of technology has supported the community to communicate, store data, and play online games that are packaged in 1 cellphone.

Peel Completed Earnings android developer

As a form of the modern era, technological development is a natural thing. Anyone can pursue the field of android developers. This is not just a hobby, but also can make more income. For this reason, this article will discuss the income of android developers.

As the example above is from some people who are able to take advantage of the situation of the globalization era to the full. Of course you can copy and make your own applications at home. Some tips from the android developer who already has a high income, namely:

1. Market needs

In making an application, of course we must look at the current market needs. This may include needs that are tailored to the age, situation and conditions and preferences of the current community. In addition, the existing application certainly has a sale value in a function that can be manifested in daily needs or just an entertainer / existence only.

2. Application quality

Applications are not only determined by the needs of each consumer or the community. Besides that, to make the application a favorite, good quality on the outside or inside is needed. This can make consumers interested so that they want to download applications that have been provided on Google Play Store.

The quality of existing applications is certainly very much determined by the resolution and memory power used. This is certainly a consideration for consumers to use the application or not. The quality of the application is also shown in the features provided when playing the application. So that this certainly makes consumers addicted when attractive.

3. Supporting software

This is very needed in making the application. This software is basically very diverse, but what is often used can be android studio or unity. This is because it is more popular and common. You have to really understand that in order to make good applications and attract consumers

4. Don't be afraid of being wrong

In making an application, of course sometimes it will experience errors that make the system error. This is considered reasonable because the program is so complicated. But you can repeat this from the beginning. If your mistakes are not known certainly makes you confused and sometimes more to give up facing the problem.

No need to worry because to solve your problem, now it can be reported to Google. Google provides facilities to address error issues in programing. The way is by removing the error in the code and copy it on google.com. this will be found in the discussion of stackoverflow.

5. Keep learning

Every person who has achieved success at this time will sometimes feel satisfied with what he is now. So they only use the application, that's no change and cause consumers to get bored later because it is too monotonous. This can be anticipated by yourself to always learn to improve

This learning process aims to innovate the applications that you have made so far. With such rapid development, the existing applications must be rapidly developed. Because of this, market competition continues to push for rapid evolution as early as possible. Innovating applications will certainly reap more for you because it advances faster.

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