Release of Developer Responsibility as a Business Actor

Release of Developer Responsibility as a Business Actor

It should be noted that the Consumer Protection Act seeks to balance the position between the business people and consumers.

When seen in Article 27 of the Consumer Protection Act, it is said that the business actor is exempted from liability for losses sustained by consumers, if:

The products are found not to be distributed or intended for distribution;
Defects goods arise at a later date;
The defects occur because of compliance on the qualifications of the goods;
Negligence caused by consumers;
The expiration of the continuing period is 4 (four) years since the article was purchased or the agreed period has passed

Under Article 7 of the Law on Consumer Protection, one of the obligations of business actors is in good faith.

But in practice, all the developers or the economic players who have good faith and often unfair competition between the actors business product that also has a negative impact, aka detrimental to the consumer.

Rights and obligations of consumers
The Law on Consumer Protection also regulates the rights and obligations of consumers so that in their implementation, economic actors and consumers have a balanced position.

Consumer rights
Internationally, there are four (4) fundamental rights of consumers that are recognized.
The right to security (security right);
The right to information (notified law);
The right to choose (the right to choose);
The right to be heard;

Bonds consumers
Consumer obligations are contained in Article 5 Act concerning the protection of consumers, including:
Read and follow the instructions and procedures for information for use or use of goods and / or services, for safety and security;
Having a good intention in conducting transaction of the purchase of goods and / or services;
Pay according to the agreed exchange rate;
Following efforts to properly resolve disputes of consumer protection.