Sharia Property Developer

Islamic property is becoming a trend in society and is a company that is in great demand at the moment. While many people is not uncommon that want to become developers of Sharia because it is considered more profitable.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a developer or developer Sharia but are still confused about how to begin. we'll skip steps here to become a developer of successful sharia you can do. Come, see the comment.

What Sharia Promoter?

Before we discuss more about how to become a successful real estate developer of the sharia. Previously, we will explain in advance the understanding of sharia developer himself.

Thus, a developer of Sharia is a person who works as a real estate developer in the form of sharia housing which has the task of building and marketing the property of Sharia he accordance with Islamic law. This usually manifests itself in the developments that do not apply to conventional banks known for their interest and ribbons.

Now the question that may arise in the minds of the public or those of you who want to start a business to become an Islamic real estate developer is whether it is possible to develop real estate projects without involving the banks? Questions like these are often asked and the answer is yes.

For more details on the answers to these questions, we will first discuss the measures to be taken during the construction of a building project. The first thing you have to do is to acquire the land. Well, at the time of acquisition of land or land, no bank participated. So we buy the land owner then reverse the name in our name or the company as a developer.

The role of banks in the period of preparation of real estate projects

After purchase successfully or land acquisition, the next thing is the routine work of a real estate developer, ie care for certification of land if the land still not bought a certificate and also supports licenses.

Even at this stage, you do not need the bank to participate. The possibility that the bank will be involved is when you do the work to prepare the site if you do not have the capital to do it.

So, you can claim a credit in the bank with collateral like land titles or certificates or project may also request additional guarantees. However, if you do not have sufficient funds for capital, you can get capital for investors. Banks are not required at this stage.

The role of the Bank in the physical development Project period

Furthermore, at the stage of physical development Poryek. At this stage, the developer can effectively involve the bank to apply for a construction loan or directly to a home loan that was sold. The sale of the property with a mortgage system is actually due to the limited ability of consumers to buy a house.

This was done by many consumers in Indonesia. Very rarely consumers can afford to buy a house in cash. Furthermore, the condition that the developer does not have the mode or unable to build a house until it is finished becomes an obstacle in this regard.

In fact, you can eliminate the role of banks in the physical construction of the project so you can take advantage of investors' capital. Therefore, make sure to work with investors to the capital to become a developer or a developer, especially developers Sharia can work well.

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