Starting from Type 21 Houses, Now Become a Housing Developer

Starting from Type 21 Houses, Now Become a Housing Developer

From fun trying to buy a house type 21 in Depok in 2007 to Rp 50 million, Nano Lasmono now pursuing the profession as a real estate developer.

Nano Lasmono (39), formerly a private employee engaged in shipping as accountant.
At one point, his wife asked him to buy a house, so it was "forced" to hunt at a housing exhibition. At that time, Nano has no provision for real estate activity.Hunting did not bring good results. If the calculation, the price of the current house is greater than the savings.

But again his wife insisted the reason he was not feeling comfortable in the life of a rented house in the Bangka area Kemang, South Jakarta.

Nano finally chose a type of house 21 located in Depok. Upon seeing the price offered, less spontaneous, even resulting insecurity."With the price of Rp. 80 million, I thought it was impossible to buy at this time. My savings are only IDR 100 million. So what are my wife and children eat if they have to buy everything, "said Nano, city of www.rumah.com page on Friday (04/15/2016).

Then he decided to take a brochure and the next day he asked a loan office.

Predictably, he Nano level office holders to buy a house. Considering the time it only contracted to others."Maybe my friend feels sorry, so I recommend to ask for a soft loan (concessional) to the bank. And thank you God, the bank sees no bad credit on my account, "said the father of three children enthusiastically.

Nano was eventually thanks to a loan from a bank, able to buy a house in Depok. But it does not occupy immediately. It only goes there on vacation.

The routine Saturday and Sunday he spent visiting his house in Depok turned out to be a new investment instinct to target other new homes.

"Always in Depok, when I went in Depok. Uh, there's a new house that is a bit bigger, the price is Rp 130 million. Without thinking, I tried to sell my house type 21 through the Internet. "

"Once again, pleased to settle the price of Rp 150 million. Uh, someone wants to buy it. Finally, I sell, "Nano said.

After six months, after Nano has a larger home, he looked back a bigger house, type 120 m2, which was estimated at Rp. 300 million.

The same thing he did with Internet marketing and set a higher price, which is Rp 375 million. Surprisingly, the second house was sold again, although with a negotiable price, the sale price was set at Rp 350 million.

In this house 120 Nano and the new family moved to a rented house. However, it did not last long, he also did the same thing later.

Until finally he settled in a suburb of South Jakarta, precisely in the complex Kavling Jakarta, Jakarta Cipedak South.

From this experience, Nano realized that buying a house and then sell it was very pleasant and profitable.

According to Nano, this effort is an investment. In fact, it can be said as marketing tiered system that is mutually beneficial.

"Why do I say multi-level marketing, because people who buy my next home, it proves to be sold at fantastic prices. And the results are also sold. "

"So whoever is lucky not me, but people also profit after me," Nano said, showing pictures of the houses he had bought.